Agility Classes

Agility is called “Obedience in Motion” therefore, we do have some requirements before we have Teams: “Handler and Dog” enroll into our agility classes. They are listed below on this page.

Foundations Agility Class

Class Description: You and your dog will learn a new level of communication in this class that can easily transfer into many of our other classes at HKC, including Agility. This class is used as the first class for Agility and is a 6- week class where you and your dog will learn ground work that will be used during the Basic Agility Class and then carry through into the next level of Intermediate Agility and beyond.  Pre-Requisite for Foundations:  Teams should be eager to learn and if possible they should be able to: Sit, Down and have a good Recall or Come. However, we do teach these “Week #1” of class.  We do not teach jumps or any of the Agility equipment in this class.

COST:  $ 55.00 for 6 week Class


Introductory (BASIC) Agility

Class Description: In this class dogs will learn to negotiate the AKC Novice Agility obstacles and will be started on the weave poles. This is a great confidence builder for both dogs and handlers as you learn yet another level of communication with your dog! Length of Class:  8 weeks 90 minutes  each week. .Pre-Requisite: Teams enrolling into this class must meet the requirements for and have attended the previous 6-week Foundations class.

COST: $85.00 (may use coupon from previous class)


Intermediate Agility

Class Description: In this class you will learn to put it all together. You will teach your dog to sequence more obstacles by using both verbal commands or your hand/ body language. This helps you to guide where your dog goes in the sequences. This is where it gets REALLY fun!!

Pre-Requisite:  All teams wanting to enroll into Intermediate Agility must have completed both of the above classes and been told by their Instructor that they are “ready” for Intermediate. Length of Class: 8 weeks 90 minutes each week.

COST: $ 85.00  (may use coupon from previous class)


Advanced Agility or Handling Classes

Class Description:   In this class you will be able to learn more advanced techniques in order to guide your dog around an agility course.  We also try to break down and discuss what each team needs to work on. Not every Team is the same, every breed needs different motivations, which is something we try to find for each Team in these classes.  We have limited Instructors for these two classes.  These classes are for people who are wanting to advance and possibly show their dogs in Agility at some time. You must have been told by your Instructor that you are ready for these classes.

Pre-Requisites:  Teams must have completed all of the above classes and been told by an Instructor that they are ready to compete in an Agility Show. Length of Classes and Cost: Cost will be Determined When Qualified Instructor is Available to teach. Length of class may be from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.


For questions about any of the agility classes please contact:  Becky Ensz, Agility Director

Email:                        Phone:   620-899-0681

Please fill out our Agility Enrollment Form.

Please mail all Agility enrollment forms to:   Becky Ensz    9018 Tobacco Rd. Hutchinson, KS 67502