Training Classes

We train you to train your dog!


The Hutchinson Kennel Club was formed in 1954 and has been active in dog training ever since. We are a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. We know what a pleasure a well-trained dog can be, and we are committed to help you train yours, purebred or mixed breed, 8 weeks old and older.
Please check the prerequisites for each class. Your dog must be in good health and be current on all required vaccinations. (See vaccination requirements, enclosed). Overly aggressive dogs, needing individual instruction, may not participate in a class.

You will be the trainer of your dog. Trainers must be at least 12 years old and physically capable of controlling the dog. Junior handlers must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Family members are welcome to attend, but children must be supervised at all times.

Please check the class schedule for starting dates and fees for classes. You can reserve your place in a class by using our store.

If you have questions plese email

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