Junior Showmanship

The Hutchinson Kennel Club recognizes the importance of the youth in the sport of dogs. We welcome Juniors to actively participate in ALL aspects of the club. Our Juniors are appreciated not only as volunteers but also for their success in competition with dogs they own, train, and handle.

The purpose of the Junior Showmanship program is to introduce children to the sport, while giving them the opportunity to measure their skills against those at a similar age. Children are judged by how well they present their dog. They must win three fist placements in Novice before advancing to the Open class. In 1999 it was decided that a Junior handler handling a dog in a performance event can receive a certificate from AKC acknowledging their accomplishment.

The American Kennel Club also awards scholarships to encourage deserving Juniors to continue with their education. Junior Showmanship classes are open to children from 9 to 18 years old. The dog must be owned by the child, a family member, or a relative.
To learn more about how to get your child in the Junior Showmanship program go to Getting Started in AKC Junior Showmanship

Youths who wish to compete in showmanship may learn the skills they need at HKC’s weekly conformation classes.