The Hutchinson Kennel Club has a number of members who compete in tracking, and they occasionally offer tracking classes to members.

The purpose of tracking is to demonstrate the dog’s ability to recognize and follow the scent left by a person walking through a field, and finding one or more articles along the way. Tracking is a team sport and most dogs are quite good at this, and naturally enjoy using their noses.

We encourage you to add to your knowledge by reading these tracking books. By reading them you will better understand what tracking is about and if it would be an activity you would enjoy doing with your canine companion. If you intend to compete in tracking the American Kennel Club has a rulebook available. You can order it on the internet at

Recommended Reading:
Tracking from the Ground Up. By Sandy Ganz & Susan Boyd
Tracking Dog – Theory and Methods By Glen R. Johnson
Component Training for Variable Surface Tracking By Ed Presnall & Christy Bergeon
Enthusiastic Tracking By William (Sil) Sanders